We represent curated inventory that performs well with our internal campaigns, along with audience exchanges we have tied up with.

Premium content adjacency, above-the-fold:
Digital space guarentees placement adjacent to the content users desire, thereby adding affinity to your brand and a halo effect that spreads everywhere they go.

Brand Safety and 0% Fraudulent Inventory:
We value your spends and promise 100% legit traffic. Digital space has acquired expertise in detection of ‘Fraudulent Traffic’ using premium technology that detects non-human traffic besides using third party tools like Fraudlogix and others.

Engagement with the most active & relevant audiences:
Digital space strongly believes in the concept of placing the right ad to the right audience and in the process, we do whatever it takes for you to reach your target audience. This includes advanced targeting options, technology to filter and reject bot traffic, click farms, malware and viruses to ensure brand safety.

Performance metrics and KPI’s:
From impression level data to the most detailed KPI for your campaign we’ve got it all recorded. We’d be happy to help you analyze and manage your campaigns as well.

We are happy to help you analyze and manage your campaigns.